Hi my name is Alina welcome to my page all about the Iroquois hope you enjoy it!

My Iroquois Interior
My interior is one section of a longhouse where people sleep and stay warm. It has a fire in the middle, which I made with clay then placed it on the deerskin rug. The deerskin rug has a hole in it so a fire can be made. I hung a rope of corn because the Iroquois used to dry their corn and hang it up until it was needed that is how they preserve most of their food! Underneath my embroidered bed there is a box for the family’s personal items. I also have pots for drinking, cooking and storing things. I have a basket of berries for midnight snacking! I have a bunk bed that my mum and me worked on overall I think I have a pretty good interior!

PA280081.JPGKind Star

Intelligent, Optimistic
Nurturing,Encouraging,Caring Alina_2.jpg
Clan Mother

external image Native-American.jpg Typical Day
I am a clan mother. My name is Kind Star. I usually wake up first and prepare the fire. After I prepare the fire I make sure my five daughters and sons are safe and sound.Later I go to the river to bathe. I then go gather the corn husks under my bed; I always pick the corn one moon before. I set up the corn husks for the girls to make corn husk dolls. Sea Dolphin always wakes up 2nd and we would talk about what is interesting in the village, gossip, Chief She Gives, Kind one and his ceremonies like the maple festival and strawberry festival coming up,anything you could think of we talk about it!
Later on in the day Swaying Pine, Sea Dolphin, Fish a Lot, Write a lot, Wandering Deer and I go gather food for the meals. Gathering food and making cornhusk dolls with the girls are my favourite parts of the day! We then bring back the vegetables and help Swaying Pine chop up the corn, squash, and beans. After we help chop the vegetables Swaying pine does her magic. Everything Swaying Pine makes has vegetables!
During the afternoon sometimes the children, Sea Dolphin and I go see Runs Like A Cheetah and Runs Like The Wind play sports. We would cheer them on! Usually they play lacrosse with other people in our Iroquois land even other tribes like Onondaga, Cayuga, Oneida and Mohawk all of our fellow Iroquois. Sometimes we watch Fast Rock train the boys to become men. Fast Rock trained my son and he has turned into a strong and respectful man.
My least favourite part of the day is when I bathe my children. Dirty Bear, my youngest son at age 4 always screams and shouts when I try to bathe him and he always get away with it that’s why his name is Dirty Bear. He plays in the mud and never ever wants to! Sometimes I even threaten him that I’ll ask Scary Face to come get him! Peace bird, my eldest daughter, is 12.She is very independent, peaceful, caring, wise and kind! She shall one day full fill her duties to her fellow Iroquois and follow in her mothers’ footsteps! My eldest son, Strong Thunder who is 19 plays lacrosse with Runs Like The Wind. Now my youngest daughter, Kind Heart is 7 she loves watching Moon Shine make wampum! I love my all my children so does my husband Roaring Wind!
I hope that all my people are happy in the future and She Gives will continue to do a good job. I also hope my children grow up in a world just like now filled with peace and love!

Seneca Mohawk Great league
Cayuga Tuscarora five nations
Onondaga Onieda
strawberry festival The creator
maple festival Great spirit
corn harvest moon dance
faith keeper tool maker
long nose wampum keeper
Clan mother chiefs
Snow Snake
Corn maple turkey
Squash soup deer
beans fish bear nuts
moccasins deerskin blouse kilt
snow shoe deerskin dress
wrap skirts wampum belt
Chief,Pine tree chiefs,Clan mother
How old can a clan mother be?