Hi! my name is Brittany.

This page is all about the Iroquois and what I have learned about them.

How the Iroquois reach the roof to cover he holes?

Sea Dolphin

Sagacious,Not foolish
Organizing, Tutoring, Vocalizing
Fearless, Intelligent, Assistance, Serious
Clan Mother

They had none
long house
Moon Dance
Strawberry Festivel

Typical Day

Today was another typical day. I,1 Clan Mother of our tribe, got up early in the morning to eat the delicious food Swaying Pine made for us. Each morning is a different delectable food. I bet poor Swaying Pine had to toil over hot fire to make our food. We must thank the Great Spirit for the animals we kill to eat.

Besides being a clan mother, I am also a farmer. Sometimes I run into Fish-A- Lot the fisherwoman. She love to fish for fish. She is also a storyteller. She tells stories only in the winter though. If she tells stories in spring, summer, or winter then the men would stop working, the rivers would stop flowing, and even a bear would stop hunting, All just to listen to the story which is being told.

After I encounter Fish-A-Lot I go to Kind Star to make baskets made out of elm bark. I make one for my self and run down to the cornfield and I help with harvesting the corn. The corn is the most important of all the three sisters. The three sisters are beans corns and squash.

After that I dash down to the steam house to check up on Always Sleep, but as usual she is asleep. Could you imagine that? Her name matches her personality. I always thought about firing Always Sleep but she’s to kind, gentle, and good with kids. I have to discuse about it with Kind Star, but I have a good feeling that she will be keeping her job.

I walk around go to the entrance of the palisade. I can see everything from up there you know. I see no disturbances and continue my stroll.
I hate the part of the day when I have to wake up in the morning. I have to be the first to rise you know. It gets so exhausting.

I love the part of the day when I eat my favorite deer stew on deer stew morning. How delicious is that. The best part of the day is when Kind Star and I chat while we take our daily patrols. It’s so fun!

That is my typical day.

Sea Dolphin

Interior Write Up
In my interior, I have a nice warm pleasant fire, which is always running. While the fire is running I cook fish (2 pieces at a time). After a hard day at work I go to the top of the bunk bed, which I share, with my sister Nina.
And that is my interior.