Hi! My name is Elsie. In this page, you're going to learn about the Iroquois.
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This is a wampum belt

How long was the fish that the Iroquois ate?
This is a chart about the Iroquois.
-strawberry festivle
-corn harvest
-moon dance
-pine tree chief
-faith keeper
-strawberry drink
-fish trap

-snow snake
-faith keeper
-clan mother
-spiritual elder
-making weapons and tools
-wampum belt maker
-mom (dad) teach their kids
-watch elders and learn
-long houses
-smoke hole
Moon Shine
Succseptable, Significant
Demonstrating, Training, Decorating
Shells, Color, Artist, Love
Wampum Belt Maker

Typical Day

My name is Moon Shine. Do you know what I do when I wake up? I jog to the lake. While I’m there, I collect shells for the wampum belts that I make. I like the early morning smells and the beautiful birds singing for me. Usually I like to be alone in the morning and stand on the beach shore watching the sun to rise.
My favorite part of the day is when I create new wampum belts for She Gives. I like how she thanks me for the wampums. She Gives also compliments every one of the stories in the wampum belts that I make. Because She Gives always finds ways to compliment me, sometimes I thank her back by giving her a nice little gift or present. She loves it when I do that. I think She Gives is very nice to all the clan members.
I like to spend some time with my family. They care a lot about me and love me. My brother might be really annoying sometimes but he’s actually very adorable and cute. Also my three sisters are mean and nasty to me very often but usually they give me good advice and know how I feel. Now my parents are very strict about my behavior because my dad is a war captain and my mom is a cook. That’s why my family is very famous to our clan. I just love my family.
Next I like having some time speaking with Sea Dolphin. She is very wise and makes good choices. It must be hard to take care of the whole clan by herself without anyone helping her. When I talk to her, she always smiles and listens to me carefully. Also when I ask her questions, she answers it very kindly. I really like it when she does that.
Finally at night, I love to look through the smoke hole. I like to watch the stars move while I’m lying down on the top bunk. The beautiful stars move very gently and elegantly. Sometimes at night, the smoke hole is closed so I have to find something else to do than watch the stars. If the smoke hole is closed, I just lie down on my bed and think about what to do on the next day. When I’m watching the stars and moon, I fall asleep. That’s why I like my day.


Iroquois Interior

In my house, there is a fire. The fire keeps me warm on winter days and I can cook with it. Next to the fire, I have my bed. My uncle mad it for me when I was 3. Under that, I have 3 blue and 1 black mats. My grandma gave it to me for me on my birthday. On top of it, I put my strawberries and berries in my brown basket. My walls are bark wood. I put my weapons (I don’t really use it) on a green case and I like it a lot.