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I am here to tell you about Iroquois.

This is the poem that I made.

Write A Lot
Memorial, Clever
Writing, Helping, Learning
Concentrate, Listen, Love, Power


This is the flag.
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This is the picture of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)

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This is my Iroquois Interior.


Write Up

I have a fire in my longhouse. It makes the longhouse warm. So I don’t get cold in the winter. I can sleep really well because it’s really warm and it’s comfortable.
I have four spires in my longhouse. I’m not a hunter so I don’t use it. But my friends can borrow it so I think it’s not wasting. Sometimes I think I can use it when strangers come.
I have a pot. I can put my food and I think it’s really cute.
I have a pencil and papers. I always write or draw something weird. It’s really useful because I can draw pictures or write to remember something when someone tells me something really important.
I have a desk in my house. I can put my stuff on it and when I write or draw, I can use it so I think it is really useful.
I have a decoration. I think it is not so cute but I like it. It’s a bear skin. It’s hanging from the wall.
I have a mat for just a decoration. But I think it keeps my room clean.

This is the chart.

  • Birch bark
  • Canoe
  • Corn harvest
  • Strawberries festival
  • Keepers of the faith
  • The Great Spirit
  • Council fire
  • Strawberries
  • Corns
  • Beans
  • Squash
  • Fish
  • Teewaarantho
  • Making tools and weapons
  • Fish trapping, hook, net
  • spiring
  • Snow snake - game
  • moon dance
  • Wampum
  • European clothes
  • The clothes were
    made of bear skins and deer skins.
  • Faith keeper
  • Hunter
  • Wampum keeper
  • Clan mother
  • Fisher man
  • Peace maker
  • War captain
  • Spiritual elder
  • Making tools and weapons
  • Fish trapping, hook, net
  • Chief
  • Villager
  • Kids
  • teacher
  • Parents
  • Parents were the teachers for their kids.
  • Clothes
  • Story telling
  • Long house
  • Village
  • Seneca
  • Onondaga

This is a person that I made as an Iroquois.


Typical Day

I am a counselor. I like to be in a meeting. I like watching people passing the wampum string to
the other and giving ideas. I also like to remember and I think I have a good memory, too. So
I don’t have to worry if I’ll forget something.

My favorite time is when I eat. I like the meal that Swaying Pine, a cook, cooks. She
cooks different meals all the time. I love the food with corns the most. Swaying Pine knows a
lot of food with corns. I also like the food with squash. After the meeting, the meals taste really

The time that I don’t like is after the meeting. I always can’t wait for the meal. Every time
the corns, squash, and strawberries come up in my head and it makes me really hungry. Corns,
squash, and strawberries are called the three sisters. I hate the darkness in the night. So after the
meeting, I’m really scared. I wish I could eat the meal during the meeting so that I don’t have to
be walking hungrily.

I love to make wampum belts. I like to make them with Moon Shine. Moon Shine teaches me
how to make them. She can make a lot of patterns. I can make few patterns but not a lot. Moon
Shine uses black beads all the time but I like to use all the colors, purple, white and black.

I love to talk to my friends. I talk to Moon Shine, a wampum belt maker, and She Gives, a chief,
often. I also talk to Fish A Lot, a fisher. I sometimes talk to Kind Star, a clan mother, and Alwaysleep,
a steam house keeper. I don’t talk to Wandering Deer, a message runner, or Sea Dolphin, a clan mother
often because they are usually busy. When I was a child, I used to play snow-snake with my friends in the
winter. I also liked to play lacrosse which was called the ball game.

I love living in a long house. There are bear skins, and deer skins for clothes but I like deer skin better,
I don’t like bear skin because it feels weird. The Iroquois believed the Creator, or Great Spirit. There were
a lot of festivals. I liked a lot of them. For example, Maple Festival, Strawberry Festival, Green Corn Festival,
Midwinter Festival, Harvest Festival and New Year’s Festival. When I was a child, I was really scared of a
longnose. So I had to be a really good child.

Question: About how old is a counselor?