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Hi, my name JP, I am here to tell you about the Iroquois. A peaceful tribe.
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Iroquois Warrior

Religion- Planting Ceremonies, Dream telling Ceremonies,
Bean Dance, Moon Dance, Thunder Dance, Harvest Dance,
Corn harvest, Strawberry Festival, Long Nose punishment,Midwinter Ceremonies, Maple Festival.
Housing- Long house, Wigwam, Steam House, Hut, Lodge, logs, elmbark.
Transportation- Birch bark canoe, walk.
Economy- Trading Objects.
Government- Seneca Meeting, Clan Mother, Chief, leaders, laws, rules, flag.
Food- Squirrel, bear, deer, beaver, rabbit, wild turkey, passenger pigeon, corn, squash beans, strawberry, fish.
Clothes- Animal skins, snow shoe, moccasin, wampum belts, beads.
Jobs- Faith Keeper, warrior, fisher, hunter, chief, clan mother, tool maker, warcaptain, sportsman, message runner, steam house keeper, herbalist.
Education- Parents teach their children how to do good stuff.
Technology- Water drum, spearing, traps, tools, weapons, club.
Arts- beads, wampum, mat, basket, mask, doll.
Recreation- Teakwaarathon, snow snake,lacrosse, stick ball, corn husk doll.
Typical Day
The sun is shining bright, it’s just another typical day. I’m Stronguy and I’m a very strong warrior. I am a 28 years old male who likes wild turkeys, roast wild turkeys. I like helping people carrying heavy loads. I have a weakness which I won’t tell or remind you of. I am a haudenosaunee, and part of the Hawk Clan.

My other friends Spear like lightning and Fast Rock are both warriors too. Well, Fast Rock is the war captain. Spear like lightning is just another being bossed around by Fast Rock warrior. What I think Fast Rock doesn't know yet is he believes too much in himself that’s why when you see him he always have wounds and bruises from the war he fought by his self . He doesn't usually tell us when there is a war so he goes by his self. When he comes back you will see him with lot's of scars.

If there is no war I will turn from warrior to hunter, so I can hunt for Swaying Pine, our clan cook. When I was little I practiced throwing spears and shooting bows and arrows. Now I throw my spears very skillfully and aim my arrows very accurately. Hunting would be easier if you can hide in thick buses or camouflaged. Trees are good to use for hiding and being camouflaged.

I live in a cozy wigwam in the forest. Now that makes it easier for me to hunt and sleep. Easy to sleep because nobody else would want to sleep in the dangerous forest, but lucky for me I know how to train wild dogs. Easy to hunt because I’m right where I need to hunt. Sometimes, I decide to move with other members in the long house, but they said it would be too noisy for me, so I realized I should stay with my cozy wigwam.

When I need weapons Eyes of a hawk and tool talent is the ones to call. They make the most unique weapons you have ever seen. There is no weapon you wouldn’t choose. Eyes of a hawk make spectacular bow and arrows. Tool talent makes amazing spears. They both make great war clubs! All I have to do is to trade them meat for them to eat, which I told you was very easy for me.

I like to fight in wars, but I just can’t make fun of my enemies and tell them were having a war for no reason. People like to call me when an intruder or thief came to their house. The most stolen things are weapons from Eyes of a Hawk. So I know his house very well. We all think the thieves are from other tribes. This is Stronguy who is telling people to give Eyes of a hawk his weapons back.

Another thing is remember my weakness, it is much more valuable than gold or silver. That is why I am never giving away my secret to anybody in the world. Even if my life depends on it. I thought I should give my weakness to my friends, because I thought they would betray me so I didn’t tell them. Well I told my whole clan, but I promised myself I wouldn’t remind or tell them again. I think I should have never told my clan or anybody else. It was the biggest mistake of my life when I told my whole clan my weakness or should I say secret.

When I was a kid I liked to play lots of games. Snow snake in the winter. Tag in the spring and many other games for every season. We play lots of things when I was a kid. Now that I’m a grown up warrior, I don’t play those things anymore. All we do now is work, work, and work. It is very boring. I wish I was a little kid again, because being 28 years old is too much work. It is too tiring to be a warrior. If I was a kid I don’t have to fight in wars. There is no fun being 28 years old, because if you play tag with little kids people will call you an immature man. They will say you’re too childish to be a warrior. I would be so embarrassed if they said that in front of the whole clan.

Wild turkey is my favorite food, but they and the other animals living in the forest are dying because the trees are dying and most of the animals live and feed on trees and other plants. So help the trees, just get the exact trees you need to use. Don’t just kill trees for decorations use them for the basic stuff only. We might need to move to another place if we didn’t have trees. So try and save the trees as hard as you can, so in the future it would be as beautiful as today. This is Stronguy speaking and telling you Iroquois to save and protect mother Earth. Help save wild turkeys as well.


By: JP


In my interior, I put weapons which relates to my jobs, a hunter, and a warrior, but my main job is being a warrior. I also put fire in my wigwam to keep me warm in the freezing nights. I put leaves which represents that I live in the forest. I also put corns tied with vines, that is what I can eat if I am looking for food .I put a decoration which the Iroquois used to cover the walls. I think my Interior is perfect, I would add more if I have time. Other than that it is perfect for me.