Interier Write up my grass is dried and cracked my bark is strong my weapons are being made my bed is far of the ground my
fire is bent over

Hi my name is James and i will be telling you all about native American weapons

Tool Talent[[image:space/showimage/James.jpg width="555" height="427"]]

Merciful, Proficient
Giving, Producing, Toiling
Submissive, Brawn, Stealth, Mysterious

Weapon Maker

  • axe
  • nives
  • spears
  • skining nives
  • kids take several tests to become a man
  • adults teach the kids
  • brick bark cnoes
  • deerskin
  • moccasians
  • tekwarathon
  • snowsnake
  • lacross
  • pottry
  • bowls
  • tools
  • strawberry,
  • corn,
  • green corn,
  • mid winter festivals
  • pine tree chief
  • roia:ne
  • farmer
  • spritual elders
  • longhouse
  • wigwham
  • steamhouse
  • pine tree chief
  • roia:ne
  • clan mother
  • flint nation


  • senela
  • strawberries
  • corn
  • berries
  • fish
  • dear
  • bear
  • three sisters

Tool Talents Typical Day

When the light shines, I get up. I like to go to the steamhouse when working on the weapons. Next I trot to the longhouse to meet Swaying Pine, to eat the most delectable squash and corn soup. Then I get straight away at collecting the right branches to makes the weapons.

So once I have all the right pieces to make the verity of weapons. I start creating; it takes just the right size of rock heads and the length of stick to make balanced aerodynamic weapons. Then I make all different types of weapons and eat a little deer meet. On my way back I stop at the fields to watch the younglings learn. Then I finish working and give the kids their weapons, and oh how I love to see the joy on their faces.

When I set off to the river to get a drink before dusk. I stop to search for weapons heads that would work. Once I return to the longhouse, I take out my special gem that I found one day while searching for weapon heads. As I lay there in my bed fiddling with my gem I put it back. Then let my eyes shut themselves as I fall into a deep sleep.

How did the they make the rocks to make the weapons?