Runs Like The wind

Teamwork, Brave,
Blazing, Concentrating,
Gentle, wise, responsible, Care

Typical Day

Hello, my name is Runs Like the Wind and I am 25 years old. In the morning I wake up and dash to the river to take a shower. After I do that I dash to the longhouse and change to my deer skin clothes, then I go with Runs Like a Cheetah to Swaying Pine and she gives our breakfast, deer meat. When we finish our breakfast Runs Like a Cheetah and I grab our lacrosse sticks and go to the fields, we also called the kids to grab their lacrosse sticks and come to the field and play but Runs Like a Cheetah and I were not in the same team. After we played with them and then we rested and the lacrosse Hawk team challenged another tribe, so the Hawk team and I grabbed our lacrosse sticks and changed to our tribe flag on our deer skin cloths they looked like weapons, so then we dashed to the place where we are going to challenge.

In the afternoon I am still playing the lacrosse game, but whenever I am resting I eat my lunch but only once. After the game the Hawk team and I jogged all the way back to our tribe. When we got back we all ate a snack that was dried strawberries Swaying Pine made for us. After we ate the yummy snack the Hawk team and I gathered up in a longhouse and showed what the positions would be next time we play, and we planned what would be the plays in the next game too. When we finished that we went to the fields and we practiced for a very long time.

In the evening, after we practiced then the team and I were done with the team stuff. That means we are free and we can do other things. I tried to go with Spear Like Lightning to hunt down food and I did, but mostly I hit the trees instead of the animal that I was hunting down. When I finally got one Spear Like Lightning like got 20 animals. Then we gave the meat to Swaying Pine to cook for dinner, she cooked us our favorite food, deer meat roasted.

In the nighttime I ate my dinner and then I took a shower in the river again, after I do that I go to my longhouse and go to my place and change my clothes. Then I jog around the fields for a longtime. After I do that I come back and play a board game that was a game of chance witch is a bowl game, Runs like a Cheetah and I made up. It was very fun that we did not want to stop the game. When we finished every body, even me, slept.

While it is nighttime Tool Talent and I wake up. I teach him not to make the lacrosse stick like weapons. Tool Talent almost never understands, but Eyes Of Hawk can understand really well but he doesn’t stay up for just a while. But finally Tool Talent understands. So Tool Talent and I finally got some rest.

Birch Bark canoe
make weapons and toools
Make fish trapping
they cacth fish with a net
they also cacth fish with a spear
they did not go to school
they stay with there mothesPhoto%201.jpg for years and they have to go with their dad and buid stuff and plant stuff
They tell stories in the winter
Strawberry festival
corn harvest
They hunt for deer and bear
Six nations
burn leafs before snowing
Strawberry fields
eat like a bear
Iroquois have to move a some time
Women wore braids till they got married
they have there own spoons and own bowls
they have pallasads around the hole village
the council
wampum is sometimes for money
the Iroqois had a cheif
the cloths were made of deer skin and bear skin
they boil the deers bain cake in water
the cloths were tanned before sewed
the smow shoes were made of deer leather
they were three feet long
it was very uncomfortable
they were hand made
parents educate there own children
they did not go to school they studyed about the Great League
Fish trap
dried berry
spearing because they could cacth fish like that
also the net
and the last one that is the hook
the three sisters are three vegtables
sprtal elders
faith keeper
to show the way
they hunt deer
a blesser
making the hook
making weapons and tools
you wouldn't be asking someone what you wanteed to be when you grow up
the longnose changes the childrens behaviour when the kids do bad things
When you make a crime you give your wampum to the persons family who died
they heal the sick people with tea, leafs and others so you will feel better
Do adults play sports a lot?

Interior Write Up

Hello my name is Runs like a Wind and I am going to tell you about my interior. So in my interior I put a very comfortable bed that I sleep in mostly every night. I also like my spears on the blue clay were the spears are in. Now I am going to tell you about the best thing on my interior that is my dear meat roasted on a stick over the fire. If you look closely you can see a clay pot that has more of dear meat roasted in it.

Mostly everybody in the Iroquois like the three sisters but I only put one of the three sisters in there that is corn. My job as an Iroqoi that I am a sports man so that is why I have the lacrosse sticks. The lacrosse sticks are next to the spears. It was very hard making the lacrosse sticks. And that is my Iroquois write up.