My wigwam

Wigwams are round houses made of bark. It is made by the Iroquois.
In my Wigwam there is a fire. In every house of the Iroquois there is a fire. It is the thing they use most. The Iroquois use fire to cook, warmth, making tools, boil maple sap into maple syrup, and baking clay pots. The Iroquois eat roasted corn. The Iroquois bed is made of wood. It looks hard but with deer skin, it is very soft!


The sun is shining brightly; it was time to start the birch bark canoe I planned to make. My name is Eyes Of A Hawk and I am a toolmaker. I like to create new tools that make life easier and produce the longest lasting and the strongest tools and weapons. At the age of 5, I started making toy bow and arrows with branches and deer sinew and then wooden arrows. It wasn’t a very good one though. My first kill was a hawk. I drew back so hard that when I shot the bow snapped n half. I shot the hawk when it was flying. Those are really hard to see because they fly fast. Eyes Of A Hawk, me, that’s how I got my name.
When I brought back the hawk there was a big celebration. Because I was a really young and got my first kill. At the age of ten I started making stone arrowheads and a big hunters bow. It was pretty crooked but it was only my first try. Soon every body wanted tools to be made and repaired by a ten year old
When there are English men or French men who try to attack us Stronguy, Spear Like Lightning, and Fast rock are the people to call. Only three people with spears and bow and arrows are enough to kill a whole army of English men with guns! Spear Like Lightning and Fast Rock are the best at range weapons while Stronguy is good at close range.
I am also a healer. People always come to my wigwam if they are wounded, stomachache, headache, and sick. The Great Spirit has taught me how to set bones, stitch, and he taught me witch medicines are best for medicines. The Great Spirit taught me in my dreams so I try using it. It always works. That is why I am the best healer in the whole village. I always try my best to heal the person who needs help.
When both of them go hunt they always come back with enough food for the whole village. They never hunt too many animals so that we don’t waste. We never go hungry except in the winter; it is when the animals don’t show up in the forests. The only thing we can eat is dried meat, dried corn, berries, and roots. It is really hard to live in the winter.
The corn, bean, and squash are never wasted. They are called the three sisters. The three sisters are respected and never wasted. I don’t know why people would waste corn. It tastes so good!
I never get bored of making tools because I get paid in meat. My food pot is always full (not in the winter) and I can rest to eat any time I want. When I don’t eat the food gets burnt and it turns black. I will have to cut off the black parts and feed them to the hunting dogs. They need a treat after a hard day of sniffing out animals. The dogs are very important to the hunters and warriors. If the hunters didn’t have the dogs the hunters will not find animals. The dogs are the hunter’s friends.
In the winter I am not allowed to make any thing out of wood. We need wood to make fires. If I use all the wood for tools we won’t have wood for fires. Sometimes we even had to burn my tools and burn Tool Talent’s weapons for fire. It is really sad to see something that you put a lot of effort in get destroyed. But we need fire to survive so we had to burn it. It gets really cold in the winter.
After a long day of work I like to lie down in my deerskin bed and look for the brightest star I could see through the smoke whole. I would star at it until my eyes get tired. I like looking at bright things. It makes me feel safe. I am scared of the dark (especially when I hear a ghost story) so that I cannot work at night (don’t laugh).

  • birch bark canoes* walk
  • strawberry festival
  • corn harvest
  • long nose
  • dream telling
  • little stone throwing people
  • bean dance
  • planting ceremonies
  • thunder dance
  • harvest dance
  • mid-winter ceremonies
  • you have to hold the wampam when you talk in meetings
  • clan mother
  • chief
  • Seneca meeting
  • strawberries
  • corn
  • squash
  • beans
  • beets
  • fish
  • roots
  • berries
  • 3 sisters
  • bone hook for fishing
  • sinew thread
  • fish trap
  • corn uses(corn silk is for medicine)
  • boy make tools
  • they know that fishing in night time with fire is the best way for catching fish
  • they know that fishes like to play with fire
  • they use moose skin to decorate their clothes
  • they use glass beads
  • they use ribbons
  • they use deer skin
  • snow shoes
  • wampam
  • moccasin shoes
  • deer skin
  • lodge
  • hut
  • long house
  • wigwam(a small hut made from birch tree bark)
  • trading
  • Tekwarathon
  • Snow snake
  • spear throwing
  • wampam
  • doll
  • beads
  • mask
  • basket
  • mat
  • hunting
  • faith keeper
  • roiane
  • story teller
  • healer
  • spiritual elder
  • tool maker
  • story telling
  • dream telling

Hi my name is Pete this is my wikispace! This is about the Iroquois.

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