Hi my name is Rebecca. In class we have been studying The Iroquois.Below there is information on them.
They used canoes to
get around.
  • Strawberries
  • corn
  • fish
  • Vegetables
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • meat
  • stew
  • beans
  • squash
  • maple syrup
  • Faith Keeper
  • Clan Mother
  • Pine Tree Cheif
  • Cheif
  • Strawberries Festival
  • Corn Harvest
  • Thanks Giving
  • Great Spirits(b
  • Club
  • Fish Trap
  • Hook
  • Snow Snake
  • corn husk dolls
  • lacrosse
  • elk horn
  • tekweerethon
  • Wampum
  • corn/mocosens
  • Deer skin
  • Long house
  • wigwams
  • stories
  • watch elders
  • Faith Keeper
  • Pine tree chief
  • Clan Mother
  • Story Teller
  • Mesenger
  • beads
  • scrub oak
  • hill side
  • caves
  • rivers
  • mountains
  • waterfall
  • Big lakes
  • elm trees
  • streams
Fish a lot
Training, Learning, Trapping
Fisher Woman


Typical Day

Hello, my name is Fish A Lot and I’m a Haudenosaunee. I am a fisher, herbalist and a storyteller. I wake up by the sweet smell of Swaying Pine’s stew made of corn, one of the three sisters corn beans and squash, and deer meat. I have that for breakfast with my family. After a bath in the river, I get dressed in my deerskin dress and go to Tool Talent to get a spire, for the night. Next I trot to the big lake, hop in a canoe and go fishing, that’s my first part of my day.

By noon I’ve caught 2 baskets of fish ready to give to Swaying Pine to roast, and I hope the rest have got corn to go with it because it is my favorite meal. But before I do I hide my fish witch, I’m not good at, and search for herbs to make the fish and food more delectable. I get to the longhouse and drop off the fish and herbs in her storage to cook later. That’s my afternoon.

In the evening I go fishing again. This time I put a light on the front of my canoe, so the fish will came up and I can spire them, with the spire Tool Talent gave to me in the morning. I go to the longhouse, with the fish, and tell stories to the children to ease them to sleep. Then I go to sleep in my comfortable bunk made out of cornhusks and cuddle with my bearskin covers.

My favorite part of my day was telling the stories to the children. I liked it because it was a nice calm thing. It was also peaceful. I liked the catching the fish cause it was fun, and my job.

My least favorite part of my day was hiding the fish because I’m not good at it. I also didn’t like the long jog to the river and back, with 2 baskets of fish, plus the herbs. I didn’t like those pars of my day. That is my typical day as an Iroquois/Haudenosaunee.

I am a Haudenosaunee. My name is Fish A Lot. I am 26 years old,a female whose favorite food is lots of differrnt fish right over the fire with a side of corn.The skill, or strength, I have that makes me proudest is that I make the childeren happy with my stories. I think the others in my clan admire me most for caching a lot of fish to stay healthy (and alive). A fear I have is that all of the bears in the woods will take my fish, and that goes along with the weakness I have with is not being able to hide my fish verry well while I am fishing more. Something else I want you to know about me is I am a herbalist.

My motto is you have to be patient and the Great Spirit will give it to you.

Iroquois Interior
My interior is a part of the longhouse. It is a part where they sleep and it is only a corner so it isn’t all of it. It has bunk beds that are made out of wood and I used sticks for that. I put it together with a hot glue gun. There is a box underneath where their personal stuff is kept like things they found that is valuable to them or little things that they have. I put corn because they use it to cook later. I put a deerskin rug cause they put it on the dirt so it wouldn’t be to dirty. That is my interior!