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How does the clan mother get to be clan mother?

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I am a Haudenosaunee. My name is She Gives.

I am 17 years old, a female who's favorite food is maple sugar.

The skill, or strength, I have that makes me proudest is my art abilities which I use for making shoes and cloth for my clan.

I think that people in my clan admire me most for being a good chief. For example, caring for my people.

A fear I have is that my people will die in battles and this goes along with the weakness I have which is doing more than two things at the same time.

Something else I want you to know about me is that I don't think I'm such a good hunter.


Iroquois Interior by Roni

Write-up for Iroquois interior

In my longhouse there’s a big fire to keep our longhouse warm and comfy in the winter when it snows outside.

We also have decorations in our longhouse. We have a deerskin rug on our wall and on the floor by the fire, and an old deer’s head on the top part of the wall.

Of course we have beds. Each one of us has his/her own bed. We keep our private belongings under our bed so no one will take them. We all know that we shouldn’t touch anything under anyone’s bed without permission.

She Gives

Chief of the Iroquois

Typical Day

I am She Gives and I’m the Seneca chief. This is how my day goes.

Every morning after I get dressed, I walk over to the steam house were the clan mothers, Kind Star and Sea Dolphin, always sit on the deer skin rug and talk. I say good morning but no more. I know what they are talking about is none of my business.

I walk over to the room I call “The Wonderful Smell Room” because it always smells good in there. The smell comes from the food that Swaying Pine is cooking so well. She hands me over my breakfast. Deer meat, corn and a glass of water. I smile at her and thank her.

When I am finished with my well-cooked breakfast, I walk over to the big peach tree. There, waiting patiently is Wandering Deer. Waiting for me to give her the message to send to the Onondaga chief. I admire Wandering Deer for never forgetting my messages on her way.

My most un favorite part of the day is when I watch Tool Talent handing his well-made tools to the warriors, Stronguy and Spear Like Gun, the war captain, Fast Rock, and to the war chief, Kind One. I watch their worried faces as they step into the canoe. Ready to start battle.

Anyhow, after a great meal made by Swaying Pine, comes my favorite part of the day. The lacrosse game. I like watching Runs Like The Wind and Runs Like A Cheetah play happily and run around… I also like watching my people cheer energetically.

After a fun game, I walk over to the longhouse were Manak Kang and Scary Face, the mask makers, carve their wood. I love watching how their hands move carefully on the bark and make such expressive masks.

When I’ve finished watching I walk towards the river and take off my clothes. I jump into the cool refreshing water. I close my eyes and swim. I swim till I notice that the sun is setting and I know it is time to go back to the village for dinner.

My hope for me and for the rest of the village is that the warriors will come back in one piece (hopefully telling about their victory) and that all my people will be happy and safe here.


She Gives
Generous, Pleasant
Granting, Loving, Comforting
Joyful, Heed, Encouragement

Iroquois Information

  • Canoes
  • walking (not long distance)
  • running (message runner)
  • strawberry festival
  • corn harvest
  • shonkwaiatison (creator)
  • thanksgiving
  • thanks to the maple
  • midwinter ceremony
  • planting ceremony
  • bean dance
  • thanks to the green corn
  • harvest dance
  • moon dance
  • end of the year ceremony
  • council meeting
  • chief
  • strawberrys
  • corn
  • berries
  • beans
  • squash
  • sweet fruit
  • meat
  • fish
  • maple syrup
  • tools
  • canoes
  • fish traping
  • tekaarathon (spring)
  • snow snake (winter)
  • running
Clothes* handmade
  • deer skins
  • bear skins (at winter)
  • moccasin shoes
  • making tools and weapons (men and boys)
  • Roia:ne (leader of men / faith keeper)
  • pine tree chief
  • clan mother
  • story tellers
  • fishermen
  • hunters
  • dancers
  • singers
  • spiritual elder
  • chiefs (50)
  • parents teach the children
  • kids play fun games to get educated
Housing* longhouse
  • bench bed
  • some longhouses reach
    400 feet (122 m)
  • carving
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • water drums
  • tattoos
  • sculpturing
  • seneca

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