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Hello!! My name is Ryotaro (Spear like lighting)
When I work up, I wash my face in the river. After that I go hunting. I sprint though the woods quietly so that I animals don’t know that I’m trying to hunt them. Then I shoot an animal. I catch most animals that way. Next I will go back to my longhouse and give the animals to Swain Pine so that she can cook them. I like the roast dear meat that she cooks sometimes. I also like strawberries for desert. After I ate breakfast, I will go to practice shooting spears with my warrior friend Stronguy. We practice shooting spear to the target. After that I will go to play lacrosse with all men in our clan. That is my favorite part of the day.

At night I go hunting also. But I don’t really like it because I can barely see the animals. So animals might hurt me. Also maybe other hunters might shoot me by accident. I’m scared of it because wild dogs once bit me and that hurt me so much. That is my least favorite part of the day.

My best friend is Runs Like a Cheetah. He is a sports player. He is good at all sports. He plays long ball, snowball and lacrosse. He also runs like a cheetah and that’s why his name is Runs Like a Cheetah. I always play lacrosse with him after I practiced shooting spears. I also go hunting with him. He is a good hunter also.

My other friend is Stronguy. He is very strong. He is a strongest person in our clan. He is good at shooting spears like me. He is a very brave warrior. I also play lacrosse with him after we practiced shooting spears together.

Interior writes up

My longhouse has hawk feather on the wall. Also there are 2 spears. 1 of them is my grandfather’s who was very good hunter. He used that spear for long time. And other 1 is spear that I use in war. It saved my life so many times. Flag on my wall is flag of Native Americans. In my room there is 1 bed. Also there is fire and box that I put my spears in.

Spear Like Lighting
Powerful, Clever
Spearing, Hunting, Running
Brave, Serious, Strong, Loyal

  • canoes
  • birch
  • corn harvest
  • keeper of the faith
  • god
  • moon dance
  • strawberries festival
  • council meeting
  • council fire
  • strawberry
  • corn
  • animals
  • nuts
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • beans
  • fishing (fish trap, hook, net, spearing)
  • hunting (spearing, trap)
  • hunter
  • fisherman
  • faith keeper
  • story teller
  • clan mother
  • spiritual elder
  • making tools
  • long nose
  • army
  • captain of the army
  • long house keeper
  • steam house keeper
  • chief
  • tekwarathon
  • snow snake
  • long ball
  • story
  • story
  • looking at other people
  • wampam
  • moccasins
  • animals skin
  • plants
  • animals fur
  • wampam
  • basket
  • mask
  • dolls
  • seneca
  • long house
  • steam house
  • fence
I wonder how they chose the war captain.