Hi my name is Timo and this is my page

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Manak kang

Good hearted, Artistic

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Mask Maker



Hi my name is Manak Kang I am the mask maker and I am 19 years old and this is my typical day.
Walking up I see only two people awake. The fist thing I do is taking a bath in the chilling river. When that’s done I walk and grab my knife and walk into the cooled forest. As I walk through I see so many animals like birds, lizards, snakes and even a bear. When I get to the good spot, which is my secret, I start cutting the bark. When I get back almost half the tribe is awake. Swaying pine gives me corn and strawberries that’s my favorite food. I bring the food to my wigwam and start making my masks.

After working for really long time I become tired and stop working. I walk to the steam house and lay there for about 10 minutes. After doing that I grab some squash soap from the pot next to swaying pine. I have to run really fast back to my wigwam because chief she gives always stops by. When she comes I have to clean up the squash.

In the evening I am normally the last one to sleep. And so I have to put out the fire. When I sit outside alone I hear all different kids of creatures. When it gets really dark I go inside the longhouse and walk all the way to the end that’s were sleep. As I walk I tuck in the kids. Sometimes I hear people talk in there sleep. And finally I get to my bed and I go to sleep. Sometime my bed is really hard but this time it is soft. (Because of the corn husk mats and the dear or bear skin blankets.)

Sometimes I go hunting for animals for the clothes or the food. When it’s dark we go fishing. We use canoes, spear and fire. The fish get attracted to the light and swim up. Then I take my spear and try to catch the fish. I catch about 5 fish every night.

By: Timo


Hello and this is my wigwam. It has a bed to sleep in and two masks hanging on the wall. On the wall I also have skin from an animal. There’s a fire in the middle with rocks around, the fire stays active all the time. On the side of the fire I have a bowl of fruits and some fish hanging on the wall. On the ground there’s a carpet. My spears are in a basket stuck on the wall. On the top I have a piece of art hanging down reminding me of my job to do it well. And that’s my wigwam.

By: Manak Kang (Timo)