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Typical Day

My name is ‘Runs like a Cheetah’. I got this name when I was running swifter than the other babies when I was just 2 years old. I knew that I ran swifter than the other babies by asking my mom and I also knew it when I was about 15.Because I ran faster than other guys when I was 15. In the morning, I wake up later than the half of the long house people because I invariably get tired after the sport play. First I sometimes get to the steam house and see ‘Always Sleep’ sleeping while she is guarding. Afterwards, I eat my breakfast. I commonly idle after the breakfast or go hunting.

external image PA280082.JPG In the evening, I warm up in the field to play sport and get ready to win the match. I play almost everyday. Some games like Lacrosse is a tournament, but long ball and snow snake, we usually play for fun but we do play for a tournament. I don’t like playing in the evening because it’s hot. My coach admires me for my speed.

In the night, I had to go to hunting but I’m afraid of darkness. So, I don’t go out to hunt in the night. I usually stay in the longhouse and sometimes teach sports to kids. But when people come back from the hunting I greet them with happiness. They always get animals but when they hunt too much, the clan mother shouts not to hunt a lot because animals also have lives like humans. I also think that way. So, we always pray for the dead animals and apologize for hunting too much to the god of the animals.

My favorite time of the day is the night because I like teaching kids play sports. They like playing sports, and it’s also one of the educational developments. I like nights also because it’s time to eat deer, meats cooked over the fire for dinner. My favorite foods are meats cooked over fire. That’s another reason I like about night. Well, maybe I like the sleeping also. So my favorite day is the night.

There are 5 in my family. They are my wife, and 3 children. I live with my friend ‘Fast Rock’ because his families were past away from the raid. I have 2 young children, which are 3 and 6, and another one, which is 14. The oldest one is quite good at lacrosse. I didn’t even teach him how to play that well. He’s a great player. My oldest son is going to be a future of me.

So, my name is ‘Runs Like a Cheetah’ and I’m fast. My coach admires me most for my speed when I play sports. Maybe I’m too old to have a coach but I still do. My favorite food is meat cooked over fire, and I don’t like to hunt at night. There are 5 in my family. I’m fast, I’m a good teacher for sports, and a good father the people says. My hope for my future is that the tribe can stay longer than the other tribe so they won’t be tired of moving.

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Transportation- canoes,birch,boat landing

===Government- Leaders,laws,rules,flag, en emies, politics, behavior, economy, council meeting, council fire===
Religion-strawberry festival,corn harvest, dance, bean dance, moon dance, oral tradition, keepers of the faith

Food-animals, farming, hunt, weapons, strawberry, bean,corn, bark, squash, stockade, meat stew, blueberries, strawberries, wild plums, cherries,apples, mushrooms, nuts

Jobs- sports, farming, cooking, guard, music, faith keeper, clan mother, pine tree chief, fisherman, story teller, peace keeper, war cheif, war captain, spiearchual elder

Technology- tools,weapons, club, boys, mens make tools and weapons, fish trap, fish hook, fish net, spearing
Recreation- games/fun, tradition, sports, tek waarathon, snow snake, league
Education-game, fun, taught kids to hunt
Clothes-dear skin, plant, bear skins, fur, animals skin
Art- water drum
Housing- long house, steam house, oval-shaped stockade, logs, poles, elm bark, 10,20 year moved,
Economy- wampums
If you were the sports player, can you still do other jobs except for hunting for foods.

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Hasty, Open-minded

Blazing,Hard working, Winning

Strategetic, Athlete, Assistant, Victor

Sports player


Runs like a cheetah's motto: Winning. a game is not caused by yourself

Interior Write-up
My room is full of tools and pots. It’s full with my friend, Fast Rock’s and my family’s and my stuff. In my tool storage, there are Fast Rock’s weapons because he is a war captain. The war chief, Wind Flows, helps him. In that weapon storage, one of them is mine and I pretty much like it. Next to the weapon storage, there is Lacrosse stick storage. I have all the sizes. Extreme small, small, medium, big and large. I usually use big or medium because those two are my lucky lacrosse stick for me. I have a friend called, Runs like the Wind, and he is also a lacrosse player. The bunk bed that I have in my house is for me and Fast Rock to sleep under, and the top is for my children and their mom. The bed is made out of deerskin and a bear skin and I really feel comfortable lying on that bed!!!!!! I think it’s probably the best bunk bed in the world!!! I like it. The pots that had foods in it and the one that had a stick in it to mix are for Swaying Pine to cook a delectable food. There was one pot that had wood for fire, and a deer skin door. The last two things are the hanging pole and the pot that has some wood in it. This wood is for fixing my and Fast Rock’s weapons and tools. The hanging pole is to cook meats as you see. We usually eat Swaying Pine’s cooked meal, but if she is too busy, we just cook it ourselves. (Which is not quite allowed.)

By Runs like a Cheetah (Tom lee)