Hi my name is Julia this is my wiki-space. Our class is learning about Iroquois.

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This is a picture of a native
american playing a flute/recorder

three sisters,strawberries,
vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts,
meat, venison, stew
Council, chiefs,
clan mother.
tools, fish traps,
fish hooks, nets,

tekwaarathon,snow snakes,
stick ball, corn husk doll,
lacrosse stick
wampum, moccasins,
masks, deer skins
Faith keeper,
storyteller,message runner,
spiritual elder,tool maker,
peace maker, council chiefs, etc.
beads, corn,
sea shells, wampum
long houses, storage,
beds, corn husks, mats
stories, parent/ teachers
Seneca, Onieda,
Mohawk, Cayuga,

What was the life expectancy for the Iroquois before the English came?

Wandering Deer,
Taciturn, Tolerant,
Sprinting, Reporting, Carrying,
Marvel, Trustworthy, Shy, Swift,
Message Runner

This is my picture of my Iroquois:

This is would be my typical day living in the Iroquois:

Hi my name is Wandering Deer, and I am eighteen years old. I am also a Haudonasanee from the Hawk clan. And, this is my typical day.

I wake up very late, so late that most of the people are finishing their breakfasts and going to their job. Then, I get my clothes on and put my hair in two braids. After that, I wake up Alwaysleep up, my friend who is always asleep. Next, I get my breakfast from Swaying Pine (I never have to wait in line because I wake up so late.).
This is what I do in the afternoon. I go outside to the steam house to get Alwaysleep to talk to her, though sometimes I have to wake her up. Sadly, sometimes the little kids spy on run and us to tell Kind Star that we weren’t doing our jobs or collecting strawberries or the Three Sisters for Swaying Pine. Once Alwaysleep and I get caught; I normally sneak off from Kind Star’s lectures! (Even though, Kind Star realizes that we are so good friend it is hard not to talk to each other so she isn't very strict about it After that, I go to Moonshine and Write a lot to see what they’re doing and to talk to them. Next, I go get food from Swaying Pine like those delectable strawberries. Sometimes when I am there I see Fish A Lot and I plead her for a story but she usually says no if it’s not the winter (O.K she always says no if it’s not the winter because she is very serious about the rule and I don’t think she wants me to get in trouble.).
In the evening, I find Alwaysleep again to talk to her, and she always says that Spear like Lightning and Stronguy always want to go tot the steam house

every day but of course she just sends them away. Then, still talking to Alwaysleep I get some food but I always make sure someone other than me is doing helping Swaying Pine clean up. One time, I helped Swaying Pine clean up and I was so bored, I like talking to Swaying Pine but still it so boring! After I finishing eating I talk to Moonshine and Writes a lot because Alwaysleep is always asleep if your not there. Once, I get tired I stop talking to Writes a lot and Moonshine and go back to my cornhusk filled bed. Sometimes if I see Sea Dolphin I go straight to bed I don’t want to get in trouble! Though, if I see Fish a lot I try to persuade her to tell me a story but she says no of course if it’s not at winter.

My favorite part of the day is, talking to Alwaysleep. This is because I can relate to her, plus she is my friend. This is also my favorite part of the day because I laugh a lot by how Alwaysleep gets Spear like Lightning and Strong guy to get away. That is why talking to Alwaysleep is my favorite part of the day.
My least favorite part of the day is at night. This is because I am always afraid of getting to have to clean up (My worst fear is actually cleaning up every single day!). Also, I am always scared that when I slipped away from Kind Star’s lecture and she noticed then she finds me well that would be bad. Another thing is that I don’t like going to sleep because I am always worried that I forgot to send a message to one of the other tribes such as: the Onondaga, Cayuga, Mohawk, or the Oneida. That is why the evening is the worst part of my day.
That is my typical day of living in the Haudonesee Hawk Clan

This is my picture of my Iroquois interior:

And this is my description:

Iroquois Interior

In long houses there are fires to keep people warm at night and in the cold winters. Also, there is a cornhusk bed. The reason why the bed is made of corn husk is because there was an abundant source of corn and the Indians liked using everything from the thing they collected. The blanket would probably be deerskin, because they also had very many deer in the area they lived in. Another thing you would probably find in someone’s room or area of the long house is many bowls filled with things. They make these bowls out of clay from the earth because they did not have metal like we do now. If you look under someone’s bed you might find little compartments filled with things maybe heirlooms or something special to the person. If you lived then you would not go and look under people’s beds to see what things they had unless they gave you permission to because it would be rude to look into peoples private belongings like it is now. Another thing you might find is a pair of moccasins made of deerskin, moccasins are their type another thing you would find is maybe some corn strung up on a thread because they needed to harvest their crops for the winter. Lastly, you would probably find a cloth over a door. They did not have hinges and metal so they used deerskin for doors. That is what you would probably find in someone’s room.

The End

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