Hiii, my name is Scary face I am the Longnose and a Hunter, I’m 34 years old and this is my typical day

When I get up in morning I brush my teeth, then I take shower in to the bath room, I eat breakfast I sleep a little bit then, when every body is hungry I need to cut down trees, to make some spears to hunt some animals, and give to the cook so she can cook for the people of our Village we so can eat until every body is full.

when I’m hunting, I need to be very tomfoolery because if I’m not tomfoolery the animal will run away.

During the day I start thinking a lot that

without trees we will not have to much food ,because the animals like to hide, play, sleep under the trees, and without trees they move to another area that has trees, and we can’t leave the longhouses because we don’t have animal to hunt and eat.

And trees also.

The animals can start hiding in a small caves that we can’t go inside and most every time we want to hunt them they will hide inside the caves

If we don’t want to this happen it’s better to me to keep the spears that I made already so I don’t have to cut some more trees to make another one.

I’m the long nose also and I love to make kids afraid me, that’s why people call me scary face.

People call me scary face because the manak kang, mask maker, made a mask for me so with that mask I can scary kids, when the kids are playing outside and we are inside talking or doing something else, I need to look every where because if 1 kid is coming inside I need to put my mask on to scary them because they are going to describe who I am, they will be not scary of me any more.

My favorite foods are: corn beans strawberries fish squash fish trapcorn

The part I like more during the day is when some on is hungry and the kinds are at home because when they are at home I can do something that is scary them. And when everybody is hungry I can do something that is hunting.

The part I like the less during the day is when the kids are playing or somewhere and nobody is hungry because if nobody is hungry and the kids are not at home I only sitting on chair and doing nothing.

By. Ladislau


Scary Face

Wise Comfortable

scaring waiting helping

Powerful clear brave strong

long nose






==water drum musictattocarvingssculpturing==



Religions :

==strawberries ,festivas,ceremony,tradition ,celebration ,great spirit ,holidaybelifsgodhistory==


==cornbeansstrawberriesfishsquashElmbarkfish trapcorn==


==hunterpeace keeperspirti claderfish keepermaker tall wampumhuntingpeace keeperspirtir clader==


==tekwaarathnsnow snakesportsstickballlong ball==


==nakfish trapspiring==

how long do they keep the food that they hunt??????

Scary Face

Wise Comfortable

scaring waiting helping

Powerful clear brave strong

Hi I’m lau this is my longnose. I have some fire on My longhouse that you can come close when you are really cold and you don’t get sick and I have so spears on my house too but if you want to use first you need to ask me because that is very special. I have some beds one down and another up and there is a stares to get up. I have the Iroquois flag too and I have to of them, one is on the to of my house and the other is on something.